Coaches Corner – This is a huge game for us, so it’s expected to have those feelings

We were able to catch up with the head coach for our contact team before the big game against Gateshead on Sunday.

1. Firstly, how are you feeling going in to possibly one of the most anticipated games of the week?

Coach Mitchell: A mixture of emotions to be honest, excited, nervous, anxious, focused. If I wasn’t feeling those, I’d worry, this is a huge game for us, so it’s expected to have those feelings.

2. Do you have any pre game routines or rituals that you perform before the game?

Coach Mitchell: Personally, I don’t put my coaching tops on until just before kick off, it’s just become a thing I’ve done for years. I’m sure everyone has their own…

3. Coming from the last time you face off against the Senators in a 16-14 defeat, What are you going to do differently from that game?

Coach Mitchell: hopefully Win, haha. I have a great coaching staff and I feel we have prepared very well. We don’t tend to start seasons fast, but I think we have our stride now. We have game planned very well and quite studiously, so let’s see what happens on the field. A lot has happened to us since then, but it’s brought us closer as a team.

4. From your perspective, what phase of the game do you think will be the make or break moment?

Coach Mitchell: Depends on how start, really, the first series for both teams usually sets the tone of the game. I’m sure Gateshead will want to put their marker on the game as they have their unbeaten streak on the line plus the playoff aim, but we have our aims too, it’s going to be a fantastic game.

5. Do you have any players you’re expecting big things from, or any new recruits that will make a bang?

Coach Mitchell: Since the first game, we have players returning, Jack Curry on the line wasn’t available, neither was Alex Crossley. We have since signed Apollo Brown, Ross Davies, Dan Hook and Patrick Jenner. All with great experience and have settled in very well. I’m looking for a big game from every single player, this is the game for them to make a statement.

6. Do you have any worries for the game?

Coach Mitchell: No, what will happen, will happen. All the coaching has been done, so it’s down to what happens on the field. With this game, anything can happen, but I feel very strongly in how much I trust this group of players.

7. Final question, if you were taking the coin toss today, what would you pick?

Coach Mitchell: Heads.

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