Game 7 – Darlington Steam vs Gateshead Senators MVP’s (26/09/21)

Team MVP: OC John Pacey & DC Michael Rumney

Tasked with defeating their opposite coordinator’s, they took the challenge on and led their respective sides of the ball exceptionally well in this game.   It was a game of chess on both parts and seeing the results, the adaptation to their play calling, they executed exactly what was required of them.   They led their offence and defence very well, keeping players focused and ensuring execution was of the highest order.   I’ve never given it to any coaches before, but I feel these two were very important to the success of the day.

Offence MVP: #18 Alex Crossley

Not long since returning from injury, Alex has returned with a bang, getting his second successive touchdown in as many games but also adding more catches to his game, he is becoming an absolute weapon on offence. He is route running very well, sticking to his assignments, blocking well on run plays and most of all his battling for catches is exactly what’s needed out of the receiving corps.

Honorable mentions need to go to a few people, and these were close to grabbing the MVP too.   Jack Curry, showing his professionalism and leadership, recognising an issue on the line, moved into centre and plugged a problem area on the day, allowing Lee Kelly to excel in his usual role at guard. Josh Adcock, it was a shame he missed out on the award as he had a great game at QB. Taking most of the snaps on the day, he led his team very well. Probably his most pass completed game of his career, leading the team to two touchdowns and winning the game.

Other mentions are Lee Martin, doing what was asked of him at a moment’s notice, doing some dirty work in helping to nullify the Senator’s blitz packages. Johnny Clarke had a solid game, grabbing the winning TD, and is becoming quite a tandem at receiver with Alex Crossley. Luke Mansell, moving to RB on the day, but going on specials and again, doing everything he could to ensure the team were covered. Mikey Healey had some key runs, once again proving elusive on the run and a nightmare for any defence.

Photo by Dave Morgan

Defense: #60 Patrick Humpert and #35 Rob Carey

Another shared award but for two different reasons   Firstly, one of our residents Americans, Patrick has been knocking on the door but since become the DL Coach, he has just elevated his game massively. On the final drive especially, making endless amounts of tackles, in the trenches and causing tackles for loss… He also helped the whole defence to keep a level head, proving his leadership is of the highest standard as well as his game…   Speaking the final drive again, Rob Carey made the key play to secure the victory for the Steam. Not only that, but he was all over the field on the day. Taking a big hit unfortunately from his own player (cough* Johnny Davies *cough), he had to leave the field with a possible concussion, but after being cleared by the medics, he was back in a way like a new player. Tackles all over the pitch, batted down passes, covering his fellow players, everything you want from a team player…

Honorable mentions here could be endless but once again, #53 Rob Dowson does Rob Dowson things again, is this is achilles heel in getting an award? Probably but he is up there for player of the year, not only for the Steam but our whole division, I’m sure the teams we have played against would agree…

Photos by KLH Photography

Special Teams MVP: #25 Liam Teasdale

Special Teams demon, is Liam Teasdale. Hit, blocks, block shedding, avoidance of tackles, you name it, Liam does it.   I could have a team full of players with Liam’s resilience, coachable attitude, and commitment to the cause.

Photo by KLH Photography

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