Chairman’s Announcement

Today the chairman of the steam has a statement to make and the future of the club.

I regret to inform you of my resignation from the role of Chairman of Darlington Steam at the turn of the year.

I have a massive amount of personal issues to wade through and they have gotten to this point as I’ve put this club at the forefront for 11 years. 

My mental health has deteriorated over the years and I really need to get that in order, unfortunately the amount of work it takes to run the team and the fact that have been left to do an awful lot, I’ve had help along the way of course and that hasn’t gone unnoticed, to those I thank you. However, I’m still left to sort a lot out when I need to put my time and attention on my own life. I haven’t had a holiday for the the whole duration of running the club (since 2013, I actually haven’t had a holiday since 2007),  imagine that! 

The last place I want to be is to resent the sport and the club, but its been getting close. 

I have no regrets in the time I’ve had with running the team, I’ve loved coaching every single player, working alongside every coach on my staff, working alongside anyone who has been on the committee and the people who run the clubs we have gone toe to toe with. I’ve made some great friends along the way and I hope that continues.

I’m proud of the job I’ve done, I’m proud of taking the club from literally nothing to what it is and will become in the future. 

I hope the hard work continues, I hope the committee, the adult team, youth and cadets keep moving forward, it has the potential to be an amazing club but for now, my time is over. Things come to an end unfortunately, that’s life. I’ve proposed who I think is by far the best person to take my role, I will be staying on the committee but in a role to advise and also lead the Academy. 

In regards to running the club as a whole, I’ve taken it as far as I can, this needs fresh legs. I feel over the last year or so, I’ve done it an injustice. Reforming the Academy and the work that goes into it, I’m enjoying and being the Head/Lead on that project is my focus. My work isn’t done there. 

This is a decision I’ve made in order to keep the club moving forward across the whole scope. I don’t think I’ve let anyone down to this point so trust me on my choice. You’ll be in great hands! 

Steam on 3….

Darren Mitchell

1.2.3 STEAM, Thank you Darren for all your hard work and the effort you have put into the club for the past 11 years, going through thick and thin. We appreciate all the work you have put in and without you the club from the starting days of Eastbourne and South Park in 2013 to today at Blackwell. You have had an impact of the lives of many people.

Here are a few words from some of the committee members:

Darren was always an approachable chairman, someone you could count on for open and honest conversations. He possessed a keen mind for football, readily engaging in stimulating discussions and offering constructive feedback that helped transform ideas into reality. Beyond the sport, he was a compassionate individual who genuinely cared about the well-being of his colleagues. His unwavering support and empathy touched the lives of many, including mine. It was through Darren’s guidance that I embarked on my coaching journey, an opportunity I cherish deeply.

While I am deeply saddened to hear of his decision to step down as chairman, I have no doubt that he has and will continue to leave behind a legacy of remarkable achievements. From humble beginnings in a park to successful league campaigns and the establishment of a fully equipped club, Darren’s leadership has been instrumental in shaping the club’s growth. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for his dedication and look forward to his focus on the academy and beyond.

Sean Carr

In the 5 years I’ve been at the club Darren has always been there to push and drive things forward and provide a steadying hand to keep the club on track.

His core approach has been to keep building and growing the club, from adult flag, to adult contact, then founding the Steam Academy for all grades up to juniors. So for me, it’s going to be strange without him running things from the top, and believe it’s a credit to him that when he felt it needed fresh hands he stepped aside whilst remaining with the club in different role.

Wish Darren all the best and am convinced the Academy is in safe hands with him focusing on that.

Leon Leeds

Once again, thank you Darren for your guidance for this club and we look forward to your focus on the Academy and all the stuff you have planned there. And the next chairman that comes in has some big shoes to fill which will be announce/voted on our annual AGM on the 14th of January at Blackwell Meadows.

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