Sunday, December 4
Darlington, UK


Game 1 – DC Presidents VS Darlington Steam MVP’s (27/06/21)


Johnny Clarke

“Three touchdowns and a brace of two-point conversions…..what more can you ask for..? In all honesty,  a lot of players could be up for this, I could have given it to the whole team,  so many outstanding performances but mainly as a collective. However, Johnny had the game of his life and what a bar he has set not only for himself but for the team”.

Darren Mitchell, Head Coach

Photo by John Humble



Josh Adcock and Luke Mansell

“So many top performances to choose from. The offence starts upfront, and the entire offensive line was immense, but Offensive MVP has got to go to the Quarterbacks, Josh Adcock and Luke Mansell. They both showed excellent composure in the pocket and took control of the huddle, giving the rest of the offence the confidence to show out and execute. Big yardage totals and multiple touchdowns, both from the run and the pass, they’ve set the standard now for the rest of the season”.

John Pacey, Offensive Coordinator

Photo by John Humble
Photo by John Humble


Taylor Shepherd

“Defense was exceptional because it was marshaled expertly by Sheppy. I screamed at him all game, he relayed what I wanted to achieve on the ground to the D but more importantly, he was able to impart what presented itself to his teammates”.

Michael Rumney, Defensive Coordinator

Photo by Anthony Wheeler


Andy North

“Northy provided a consistent and direct communication while on the field, he was able to get the formations lined up and put the team in a position to flourish whilst both on and off the field. He did a very good job and recomposed himself after a muffled punt, delivering quality returns for the rest of the game.

Most honourable mention goes to Chris Kilgour who stepped in to do kickoffs at a moments notice following the early injury to Diego Felipe. Chris even tracked down one of his own kickoffs and tackled the returner!”

Scott Rowell, Special Teams Coordinator

Photo by John Humble

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  1. Richard P. Nethercot says:

    Great pictures from a great victory all MVPs and mentions thoroughly deserved.

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