Sunday, December 4
Darlington, UK

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South Yorkshire Roosters


Darlington Steam

Friendlies & Charity Saturday 12 June @ 12:00 pm Darlington RFC and FC Club

After a short interval, Steam started with the offense. Mark Laing entered at QB, with an incomplete, a short pass to Sean Carr and then a sack for the first 3 plays. Andy Smith was found deep on a long pass, however, came up just shy of the 1st down marker. The Roosters response started with 2 incomplete passes, followed by a short pass tackled immediately by Lawrence. On 4th down, Roosters scored a deep ball to take the lead, but Steam managed to stop the 2-point conversion.

Steams second offensive drive started with an immediate pick six. Next first play of the Roosters drive was stopped quickly by a tackle from Chris Kilgore. However, the next play resulted in a touchdown, but the 1-point attempt was denied once more.

The third drive started with a short pass to Chris, followed by a dropped pass also to Chris and an incomplete pass to Rob. 4th down also resulted in an incomplete pass, and once more a steam drive ended before it started. The next Roosters drive stared with a quick tackle by Alex H on first down, and second down a deep ball made it to the endzone, with the 2-point attempt being incomplete.

Steam once more started a drive, and after an impeding of the blitzer penalty, were nestled deep in their own territory. A pass over the top to Sean Carr fell long, Alex Smith caught a pass over the middle and made it to around the Roosters 10-yard marker. After a failed pass, Chris Kilgore caught a ball over the top for Steams first score of the game. An overthrown ball on the 2-point conversion fell incomplete.

Roosters next drive started with a short tackle by Alex G, and the second down once more resulted in a Roosters touchdown. Again, the defence was able to deny on the 2-point conversion. With the 2-minute warning called, Eddie caught a short pass from Chris Kilgore on first down, and Chris then connected with Rob Fodor on 2nd down. A short pass missed the target on 3rd and inches and was agonising repeated on 4th down.

Roosters next drive started with a short play tackled by Alex H, followed by a pass stopped at the 10-yard marker by Chris. Once again, Roosters short pass made it close to the end zone, followed by a short pass for the touchdown. Once more, a 2-point conversion was unsuccessful. Chris Kilgore started throwing deep passes as the half had less than 30 seconds remaining, with an incomplete followed by a pick 6. Once more, the defence stopped the 2-point attempt. Steam having one last chance to drive before the half produced a deep pass missed and an interception, leaving time on the clock for the roosters to have one play, which was tackled by Lawrence.

The second half started with a run play and a short pass, both stopped by Rob Fodor. An interception by Chris Kilgore ended the drive, and he returned it to just shy of the halfway line. Chris converted to another first down, finding Rob Fodor. After a deep ball fell short, Chris found Andy Smith on 3rd down to move the ball close to the endzone. Sadly, on 4th, the ball fell incomplete resulting in a turnover.

Roosters once more moved the ball downfield, with Mark Laing and Lawrence making tackles to stop the progress. Chris Kilgore and Eddie also made tackles as the drive was stopped with an interception from Eddie. Chris then threw a short pass to Eddie to start the drive. Lawrence then made a great diving catch from a low pass to gain a first down. Steam kept the ball moving with a short pass to Rob and a short pass to Mark also. Mark ended the drive with a touchdown catch and the 2-point conversion was a great catch by Rob.

Roosters drive started with a short pass failed due to the blitz pressure, followed by a short gain tackled by Andy Smith. The pressure resulting in Alex G getting an interception, giving the Steam one last drive. Chris and Steam needed one play to find Mark Laing in the endzone, and Rob Fodor was there for the 2-point conversion. The efficiently allowed Roosters back out, with the drive being stopped by 3 Chris Kilgore tackles and the game clock.

Rob Fodor excelled all day, doing everything superbly. From his great snaps, to good route running resulting in multiple scores. He showed great work on defence too. For this, he was our MVP for the weekend.

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Offensive Coordinator Pinky

South Yorkshire Roosters 36 - 22 Darlington Steam

  • Saturday 12 June 2021 @ 12:00 pm
  • Friendlies & Charity 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club

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