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Friendlies & Charity Saturday 12 June @ 11:00 am Darlington RFC and FC Club

Steam started their second series of games with a trip to Rotherham to play two friendlies against the South Yorkshire Roosters. Winning, and deferring the toss and electing to play against the wind in the first half, the Defence sadly could not stop the Roosters first drive, which resulting in a 1st down gained from the first pass, with the runner stopped by Chris Kilgour. A short pass was tackled by Mark Laing on the following pass. The touchdown was conceded, and a 2-point conversion was followed.

The offence came out to bounce back and started with a positive 15-yard pass from Andy Smith to Mark Laing on their first passing play. Facing second and short, a deep attempt to the house was taken and patted down.  3rd and 4th down resulting, in short, passes sadly coming up incomplete, resulting in a turnover.

The defence was called back into action, with Mark Laing performing a good early tackle on the 1st play of the drive. Chris Kilgore managed to tackle the 2nd pass play just short of the half, however, 3rd down was converted, with a tackle by Andy Smith. A missed interception attempt by Lawrence sadly put the Roosters up 14-0, which promptly became 15-0 after a successful 1-point conversion.

The offence returned and started the drive with a passing attempt that fell just short, before a good wheel route by Mark Laing on second down halved the distance needed. Another incomplete on 3rd down left a tricky fourth down attempt, which was sadly picked off, with the defended being stopped by Rob Fodor.

The defence was now defending shorter yardage, which they converted before Lawrence stopped them. A short pass was defended by Andy Smith before the Roosters made two failed attempts to the endzone, resulting in a turnover.

Andy Smith then found Chris Kilgore with a quick pass, with yardage added on for a flag on a rough hit on the catcher. A miscommunication on a play meant an incomplete pass by Mark Laing, leaving steam on 3rd and short, which was completed with another short pass to Chris Kilgore. Another house call was picked off, with Lawrence cleaning up with a tackle.

Roosters on the bounce of their second interception, ran some quick plays with tackles from Lawrence and Rob before a deep pass was well caught at the back of the endzone for a score, with another 1-point conversion successfully acquired. With 30 seconds of the half left, Steam moved the ball to the half with a good pass and a run from Andy Smith. The last play of the half was another interception which was returned to the house, with a 1point conversion successful, leading to a 29-0 deficit at the half.

Starting the second half, Drew Magnet dusted off his throwing arm and tested the deep coverage on his first pass that was picked by the Roosters defender, who was tackled immediately. The return drive saw 3 short passes and 3 tackles by Eddie, before incompletions resulting in a turnover.

Magnet then threw a quick pass to Rob to start the drive and followed that up with a completion to Mark Laing. A short pass to Eddie followed before the Steam reached the end zone with a pass caught by Rob and a 1 point followed with a pass to Mark. Defence sadly could not deny the roosters from returning a score on the following drive.

Magnet started the ensuing drive throwing a deep pass millimetres too far for Rob, skimming his fingertips, before hitting Mark Laing with a no-look pass, then followed that up by dropping a 40-yard rainbow into Lawrence’s breadbasket for 6, the 2pt was successful to Chris Kilgour. Roosters returned with one last drive and a 2-point score to end the first game with a score of 43-15.

Offensive Coordinator Pinky

South Yorkshire Roosters 43 - 15 Darlington Steam

  • Saturday 12 June 2021 @ 11:00 am
  • Friendlies & Charity 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club

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