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The Royal Tour (Leeds) Sunday 30 May @ 4:30 pm Darlington RFC and FC Club

2 games down and we were still undefeated, although not the perfect record we would have liked, sitting at 1-0-1, but now the biggest test of the day, going straight into our 3rd game against Prem team Leeds Samurai.

Mark Laing went out for the coin toss and won to put the Defense out first, who had pitched a shutout to this point, but the opening play would change that with some poor tackling and some excellent hip work from the Samurai Receiver scooting through to paydirt, on the ensuing 2pt play Alex made an excellent diving tackle to stop Leeds a yard short from converting.

Offence’s first drive would be without Bambi after a knock to his knee on D, would put Mark into the QB role who struck out with 3 incompletions and a laser to Cristian came up just short of a fresh set of downs.

The D came out to make amends for the opening drive miscues and managed to stop the Samurai on 3rd down around our own 15 from our endzone, but on 4th down Leeds caught a break when their WR grabbed Alex, which the refs missed, to allow their star player to slide inside and find the endzone and added the 2pt to go up 14-0.

Needing to get back into the game, Mark missed on first, but hit 2 back to back strikes to Chris on the outside, although the second resulted in Chris coming up a bit gimpy and had to rep out, on the next pass Mark tried to thread the needle to the same side and was picked by the Leeds defender, who took it back for six and then showed how to force the ball into a tight window on the 2pt play, extending the lead to 22-0 just before the half.

Bambi returned under centre to start the second half and started 0 for 2 before hit Rob for a good catch and run chunk play to make 4th down more manageable, and then Laurence Nugent came up with a brilliant one-handed grab to move the chains, however, the momentum swung straight back in favour of Leeds on the next play when Bambi was picked off on a deep pass, but good hustle from the Steam stopped the return short of midfield.

The next drive only took a handful of plays to get past the Defense, who kept fighting, but the gap in experience level was starting to show through, the score stretched to 28-0 with a missed XP.

The next Offensive drive stalled out on 4th down and on the final drive of the game, the Samurai drove the length of the field in a few plays aided by some poor tackling to go up 34-0, although the Steam finished on a high with Bambi intercepting the 2pt attempt.

Congratulations to the Leeds Samurai on the win and winning the tournament in what was a great day of flag football, we closed the day at 1-1-1 with lots to learn from and work on, but the players did the club proud and I couldn’t be happier with how much they’ve progressed in just 8 weeks, now it’s back to work before a couple of games against the South Yorkshire Roosters on June 12th.

The tournament MVP has to be Alex Needham for her insane first game, solid performances and sure tackling throughout the tournament, awesome work and well done you earned this award.

Drew Magnet (Head Coach)

Darlington Steam 0 - 34 Leeds Samurai

  • Sunday 30 May 2021 @ 4:30 pm
  • The Royal Tour (Leeds) 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club
1 11 Andy Smith
2 20 Mark Laing
3 26 Alex Needham
4 70 Cristian Baldeon
5 84 Chris Kilgour
6 88 Rob Fodor
7 89 Laurence Nugent

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