Sunday, December 4
Darlington, UK

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Inverclyde Goliaths

BAFA National Leagues Sunday 2 June @ 2:00 pm Darlington RFC and FC Club

The 8-16 loss was a tough pill to swallow but now the dust has settled, let’s look at the positives.

The players gave their all, their absolute best and left it all on the field. Normally you can point out faults, glaring mistakes and point the finger, which everyone is guilty of, however yesterday, every player gave me and their team, their all.

This has been the hardest game to sort out the MVPs for the game but here goes…..

Offence MVP: The Offensive Line. This was their best game of all. They have come together and they are now a unit and become the nucleus of the side of the ball. It’s been a long road but the lads have gotten there. Very proud of their efforts.

Defence: Jonathan Davies. When a team has to readjust their scheme for one player, you know he’s doing something special. Johnny did exactly that. Spearheading the defence into playing an outstanding game

Special Teams MVP: In his Rookie season and steadily improving, Craig Harper took a massive leap forward yesterday. Played with desire, speed and got in the faces of the opposition on punts and kickoffs before the ball was in their hands (legally of course). Great tackles, always involved and led by example.

Team MVP: Scott Rowell… An absolute lynchpin on def! What we love about Scott is that his experience as a player allows versatility. Not only did he render the options game in front of him, but he also continually passed on his insights to the backups to steady the ship. When called on to dig deep he moves from LOLB to LDE and the to NT. Can we give this guy more accolades? Of course, we can as he played over at the Offence as a full-back when the team needed him. Oh and just to top it off, he played Special teams as well. We love you, my man!

Overall, this was our best and closest game. We set the tone early but didn’t get the rewards. We are getting closer and we will get that win that evades us. We have the players, great coaching staff and great support. It’s only a matter of time. It’s a part of the process…

Next up… Clyde Valley Blackhawks at home, Blackwell Meadows on June the 16th

Coach Mitchell, Head Coach

Darlington Steam 8 - 16 Inverclyde Goliaths

  • Sunday 2 June 2019 @ 2:00 pm
  • BAFA National Leagues 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club

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