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Clyde Valley Blackhawks

BAFA National Leagues Sunday 16 June @ 2:00 pm Darlington RFC and FC Club

The MVPs for the game against Clyde Valley have been selected by the coaches…

Team MVP: Craig Harper. His second MVP in a row after snagging the one for special teams last week. After a tough start to the game, Craig collected himself, adjusted his game and corrected what went wrong initially and more… A tough performance, the second half of shut down corner work. The way he responded is exactly what we want from a Steam player. We all make mistakes, and negatives will happen to us, how we react to these adversities is what defines how it affects us. Craig showed exactly how to deal with that, a great example of a Steam player.

Offence MVP: Richard Coulson, this guy has come on leaps and bounds after returning to the club. His blocking out wide has become a staple of his game but his speed and height are resulting in him getting those much-needed catches to aid the passing game. He put in a great shift and stood out, even though his socks do enough of that!!

Defence MVP: Ollie Forrest. That’s right, our running backfilled in on defence at safety and what a game he put in. A lot of injuries occurred on this side of the ball and Ollie made an immediate impact, had a number of pass breakups and a forced fumble to boot. Great to see an all-round team player step up when the team needed it. Well done Ollie 👍

Special Teams MVP: Laurence Nugent. Taking his place on every side of specials, as well as his role at tight end. Even when we were short on specials due to the above injuries, Laurence was first to step up to help and made plays, blocks, tackles, you name it.

A lot of the ethos was players helping each other out and putting in self-correction. Even though we lost, we won a lot of other facets of the building blocks of this club.

Very proud of you all.

Onto Dumfries Hunters away now…..

Darren Mitchell (Head Coach)

Darlington Steam 0 - 30 Clyde Valley Blackhawks

  • Sunday 16 June 2019 @ 2:00 pm
  • BAFA National Leagues 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club

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