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BAFA National Leagues Sunday 23 June @ 2:00 pm Darlington RFC and FC Club

The final game of the season (due to the Sentinels dropping out of the league), we travelled to play against Dumfries Hunters. We came away with a loss but we never give up and are never a defeated team.

Here are the MVPs for the game…

Offence MVP: Chris Armstrong. Once again, he grabs two TDs (and a 2pt conversion). Chris led his team very well yesterday. We talk about setting the tone and Chris leads with it. In a new formation, Chris had to do something he hasn’t done before but took to it well and got us back into the game.

Defence MVP: Connor Thwaites. Connor has played quietly since his transfer from the DC Presidents but he moved to Inside Linebacker and the question we are asking is “why didn’t we do it sooner?” Connor had an amazing game, snuffing out runs, breaking plays and got his first interception and a hell of a run to boot!! Big things coming from #97

Specials MVP: Another transfer, Taylor Shepherd. Recovered an important onside kick and made, key tackles all over the field. He may not be blessed with the speed of a gunner but boy he is in the right place, every time!! All roads are closed when Taylor is in town…

Here is the big one, TEAM MVP:

There were a number of people we could have given this too but we are going to give it to our medic!! Matt Logan! We suffered a lot of injuries yesterday, and Matt really had his work cut out. He was tending to one player, then another went down, Matt was there… He was non-stop. This award is normally given to players but everybody involved is a team player, whether it’s on or off the field and Matt was awesome yesterday.

Very proud of all the efforts from the players who put their bodies on the line, their marriages (I can imagine the Mrs may have an issue with the Sundays), their time with their kids, everything involved with playing the sport… Thank you for giving your all to the club this season… Let’s keep pushing forward though… Time to plan for Year Two!

Darren Mitchell (Head Coach)

Dumfries Hunters 60 - 14 Darlington Steam

  • Sunday 23 June 2019 @ 2:00 pm
  • BAFA National Leagues 
  • Darlington RFC and FC Club

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